Do you know that many people enjoy archiving posters? And do you know that someone archives car license plates too?

During the week end I had been invited for dinner by my friend and while we were talking about hobbies, he showed me his posters and car license plates museum.

He has an every kind posters collection.

Especially I saw posters of:

  • singers
  • football players'
  • movies
  • arts posters
  • NBA teams
  • NFL teams
  • NHL teams
  • MLB teams
  • and the coolest "Jimi Hendrix" posters (for the ones that, like me, love music and this amazing guitar player...)

He had even showed me some of the car license plates from his collection:

  • Montana
  • New Mexico
  • Colorado
  • California
  • Florida
  • Texas
  • Motorcycles license plates from all over the world

I had been impressed by his posters collection and I asked him to give me one of them (I am not telling the answer: it never happened that a collector gives away one of his pieces...).

I have proposed him to archive his posters and car license plates with my software program flin4cell and I have even promised him that when he finishes making it, maybe I'll publish his collection online on my web site!

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