If you have shelf full of books and you are no longer able to find a thing, beginning to put in order your collection: with flin4cell, the books catalog software program you will finally find the book you are searching for just by a click!

My books catalog software program allows you to define how to keep in order your collection.

You can even define where you put every book (if you want, on this shelf or on the other one...).

How to organize your books collection it's up to you!

My books catalog software program has an innovative search engine that allows you to filter information to make the book search easier between tons of titles.

flin4cell suits itself to the most demanding collector's needs and to the one how wants to catalog books in an easy way.

With few click you will decide what you want to display and you can even export the entire collection into Excel to have it easily.

Try flin4cell for FREE: the books catalog software program, you'll be fully satisfied!

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