Some years ago remembers (almost 20, nowadays): cards collection.
When I was just a little boy (like anybody else) I had a cards collection. Something I cannot still understand it's how I have never been able to complete an entire stickers album.

I remember I began the football players stickers collection, the history stickers album, and the one about the science...

My cards collection consisted in bought 3 or 4 stickers packs a week (and exchange the "doubles" with my classmates) to try to complete the stickers album: a mission impossible to me!

All my old stickers albums need about 5 or 6 pieces to be completed.

Cards collection has been a kind of obsession to me, because when you begin a stickers album, the aim was to complete it in brief time: what a pity! It's just a hobby where I was not so good at...

Today I notice a range of cards:

  • Yugioh
  • Pokemon
  • NBA Basketball
  • MLB Baseball
  • NFL Football
  • NHL Hockey
  • WWE Wrestling
  • Phone Cards
  • Prepaid Phone Cards

...and those are just a few of tons of cards in commerce! But I guess that completing a stickers album it's still a difficult work...

Anyway, if you are interested into a software program to catalog your cards collection, to try to make easier the research of "doubles", (maybe to make the exchange easier too), and show your collection to your friends, I would advice you my software program: flin4cell. Try it for FREE!

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