An all-in-one full-powered collecting software to catalog CD and to catalog DVD: a special management information system for your personal CDs best hits and DVDs best movies collections. The ideal program for any collecting purposes!

flin4cell is the ideal software "all-in-one" program, designed to catalog your CD and catalog your DVD collections and all information you like to have at hand by a simple click.

Do you like to catalog your CD and also catalog your DVD? Would you like to organize your CD and DVD best collections?

The answer is flin4cell, a full range of collecting software solutions with lots of collecting templates ready to be used!

Are you a fan collection? Here you have a real help for your hobby: a full-featured management information system concerning a special inventory software to catalog, store and keep together your collection: flin4cell! An inventory and collecting software program able to organize your CD and DVD store.

Our special management information system allows you to organize your personal CD store by filling in the configuration system all information relevant to your CD easily, entitling it per name of the artist, title of the album, year, songs and also select your favorite music hits per different topics... In a simple way you can also define what you wish to display.

And simple will be also to catalog information and keep together your DVD collection! Your favorite movie will be found in a click and you can select everyone per title or topics or by everything you like. Easily you can trace your favorite musical or your horror movie! Our collecting software program allows to all fans collections keeping collected together information and images in different ways and found them again immediately.

Have you tested Access to catalog your CD or catalog your DVD and the result was neither simple nor satisfactory? Your CD store is difficult to keep together? Your DVD store needs to be re-invented in its organization?

flin4cell is the full-featured software program similar to Access but simpler: from today on you will be able to catalog all information that every CD and DVD fan collection needs... and not only! A special management information system for your personal CD store and DVD store, able to organize a full range of collections!

Our software program draws its inspiration based on some of the main Access functions and wishes to be the ideal program for any collecting purposes which allows to catalog all kind of information in an easy way.

Download now your FREE trial version of flin4cell: the ideal management information system for any collection purposes, and start immediately to catalog your CDs and catalog your DVDs best collections!

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