The software program flin4cell, the new fan collection software management system, is now updated to Rel. 3.1.
From today on you can post your catalogues online!

The big feature we are proud to introduce now, is this new updating: now you can post easily your catalogues online. Visit the site and you will find all fans collection catalogues from all over the world people who want to show their collections.

Are you fond of collections? Are a crazy fan collection? You will be able to share with other collectors your hobby, get in touch with them and let them get in touch with you to buy, sell or change the missing pieces to enrich your collection!

Many other changes have been made: now you have the opportunity to get at hand more images about every article, to display the quantity of the recorded articles during the searching, to define a particular form background, shortcuts for the main functions (New, Save, Undo, Delete, Search) and more other small improvements for better responding to every fan collection requirements!

Thanks to our customers' advices, suggestions and all information given to improve a fan collection software management system, we created a software program which matched with every fan collection requirements. Don't drives mad... have fun!

If you didn't realize yet... visit immediately the site, see the collector catalogues online and download for FREE the software program flin4cell: the best fan collection software management system!

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