Today, while I was surfing the Web, I try to choose all the DVDs I would like to buy during the months.
I read some reviews and I found a couple (maybe a dozen) of interesting DVDs.

It is not even easy to choose a title between thousand and which genre to buy it not easy too.

I saw some interesting titles for

  • action's DVDs (in this period I found a lot of interesting DVDs of this genre!)
  • comedy's DVDs (I haven't seen nothing interesting to buy...)
  • horror's DVDs (I don't think to buy anything of this genre because I've already bought a lot of movies of this genre)
  • animated cartoons' DVDs (some of them seem cute: sometimes I'm just like a baby...)
  • cult's DVDs (when I watch "Star Wars", "The Godfather", "Matrix"... I'm ready to spend some money and I see what a can do: at least, I've to buy one of them!)
  • fantasy's DVDs (I really love this genre but I always have problems to find the right titles and I ask some advices to my friends)

I think I'm fine with DVDs for this month: action genre will be the one I will surely buy!

For your DVDs storage, I'd advice you my software program: flin4cell. It allows you to put in order your collection (and I really need it...).

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