flin4pay is a software program to optimize Family Expenses Planning and Personal Accounting.

A software program designed to allow families to have under control personal expenses and payments management in an easy way and simple to set-up.

The coming of Euro currency forced all families facing with the problem of how to manage with payments.

The expenses management, when shopping is getting more and more expensive, became an urgent matter to discuss both in personal and in domestic reality. The cost of living is doubled and it's important to pay attention to how you spend money!

Our software allows everyone to keep under control all family and personal expenses management and points out for you the amount that to be paid every month. Our tool helps you to be conscious of how much you have and how much you spend!

Today all families have a real help to solve the eternal dilemma to understand why at the end of the month the salary seems to be never enough...

At the end of the month are you wondering about where your salary or your wage is going? Now you have the answer to this question: our software program is what you are looking for!

At the end of the day you can quickly record your detailed expenses and payments and analyze how they can be subdivided as well as create control charts on monthly basis. You will avoid the risk to be in financial straits once realized how your outgoes are acting up, trying to understand where, when and what you are able to save a good sum of money for a rainy day.

From now on you can have a splurge: why not buying a new pair of shoes or that nice dress shown in your favorite window or eating out to celebrate your birthday... our software program will make you capable of understanding how dealing with your incomes!

flin4pay is not the usual software program for which you have to spend hours studying to be able to use it. In few minutes anyone can learn to plan personal expenses and analyze the management of outgoes and payments.

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System Requirements:

No particular requirement is required: we suggest a Pentium III 600 and 128 MB RAM.

During the installation our software program will check for you any further missing components and free download them from Internet if not found.

Once bought this program, you can use it forever: it's not compulsory to buy new software versions!

So, you will have for free all software updates.

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The Software is Clean From Virus, Spyware, Adware... As Certified