Have you a large musical video collection you want to easy manage?

Are you searching for inventory software to organize your musical video?

With our software, you will simplify the musical video inventory, thanks to its innumerable functions.

The most useful:

  1. The search by means of musical video filter
  2. Web posting of your musical video
  3. The export of the results in Excel

with this last function, you can render the thing funnier, because then you can change the files like you want, adding or removing columns, moving or changing data as much as you like.

flin4cell allows a limitless number of data entries, besides the possibility to create always different catalogues of musical video to can indulge your whims without any limit to your imagination.

To its inside, moreover it has a remarkable search motor, which allows to make filters, to can have always instantaneous results, without having the need to get stuck in the usual problems to file data.

Example: do you need your favorite artiste's musical video?

Well! It will be enough to search the artiste's name, or the song, or also the director of the video and in the twinkling of an eye here is to you all that you have always wished without to have to miss you in small or big slips where you have always annotated everything but you've never been able to fulfill the feat to make them tidy.

Our inventory software which supports the main DVD formats like AVI and MPEG.

Moreover, flin4cell allows to having the musical video on-line, on the web, always within reach, and accessible to more customers, to can share your knowledge with others, and always to allow you to be in the vanguard.

A sure innovative product in the computer world, than you can't do without, even because very easy in its utilization also for less expert and that a musical video fan must posses.

Of course a very useful inventory software, that you have to posses in your computer.

More Software Information

Download now and try for FREE flin4cell: the musical video inventory software made for you!

System Requirements:

No particular requirement is required: we suggest a Pentium III 600 and 128 MB RAM.

During the installation our software program will check for you any further missing components and free download them from Internet if not found.

Once bought this program, you can use it forever: it's not compulsory to buy new software versions!

So, you will have for free all software updates.

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The Software is Clean From Virus, Spyware, Adware... As Certified