Expense Configuration

This is the form to configure expenses that have to be paid on a regular basis (every month, every year…).

You can define that some expenses be automatically proposed in the management without having to be entered every time.

For example, if you buy a car on October 10 2005 and you have to pay a loan in monthly installments of € 250 until October 10 2010 you simply have to define this information so that every month this expense will appear in the expense payment management (as well as in the check).

You can also define annual payments such as car insurance premiums.

In this case you simply have to enter the date of the first premium payment (there is no termination date as you will probably continue to pay the same rate for as long as you own the car).

On March 10 of every year this expense will appear automatically in the payment management.

ATTENTION: the amount defined on this screen is what has previously been defined in the Expenses Management (assuming that the actual amount paid will be indicated at the time of payment).

From left to right the buttons have the following functions: