Lots of people asked me how to better manage their personal finance: I developed a software program suitable to help you with this hard work! flin4pay pretend to be an easy software program suitable to everyone who is searching to manage his own personal finance.

Who has ever tried to manage his own personal finance with Excel?

I did it too, but in the end I decided to develop a software program which can help me to better manage my personal finance.

So, I developed flin4pay!

This software program suits to every need: by inserting the information I already had in Excel (expiration date, payment short description and expense amount) now I can pointed the analysis of my personal finance.

I still use Excel: I export the information obtained with my software program (you need just a click!) and I can define and understand how I am spending my money, right from here.

According to me, flin4pay gave to me a great help to manage my personal finance and I hope my software program could help you, too! Try it for FREE!

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