flin4cell is the program software to storage/catalog all your collections: the one about stickers' cards and vinyl records too!

Now it's possible to storage/catalog every collection in accordance with collectors requirements: the most demanding vinyl records and football or basketball or baseball stickers cards collectors too!

The fascinating hobby of vinyl collecting needs the innovative tool to manage your record store classical collections: flin4cell! And what about all stickers cards collection?

This program software allows you to storage, catalog all information relevant to every records and stickers cards collection.

Collecting vinyl records (although vinyl is unavailable by now...) and small stickers belong to the culture of many people: those very popular Hobbies are a fascinating art form! Most of the people are avid collectors and have a real vinyl record store or a big sticker's album library: a sort of die-hard collector of those collectables "ancient things"!

flin4cell is an easy-to-use program software, an excellent method of storage, cataloging your records store and stickers album library.

flin4cell is easy and fast to learn to manage all kind of collections:

  • stickers concerning yugioh card
  • pokemon card
  • baseball card
  • football card

all game cards can be organized with our special software, a full-powered and innovative program software collection management system!

flin4cell is multi-featured open program software: there are lots of templates already set up to begin with... You can also modify them as better as you like and make them suitable to what you wish to display (why do you need to have a specific program for stickers and records requiring a range of 30 pieces of information when just the half is enough and the other half are unknown and unuseful matters?).

The easy-to-use program software vinyl records and sticker cards management system can be simply adapted to your requirements. Once chosen the file, special different filters allow you to display all data relevant to your sticker cards collection or vinyl records store, automatically generated on the configuration file form. There's no use looking up among lots of board forms to find what we wish to display.

Our software program collection management system is set up to have a peculiar filtered range: it displays only the rows that meet the criteria you specify and helps you to find your items.

Searching and export filters are generated in accordance with your file configuration system: the board form searching function is fast and understandable and allows you to display all fields as you like. This way of storage and cataloging makes us possible to get a perfect software collection management system and let us have the very important opportunity to find immediately, in a simple click, all information relevant to our vinyl records and stickers collections!

You are able to display the images for every item. Backup and Restoring Utilities are set up to be sure to hold all important information.

Excel exporting is made to have clear information and simple modification; it can be set up on different fields and according to our requirements.

It's possible to export to Excel stickers for every single team or records belonging to a single singer.

During the operation of "export", I am demanded how to filter information given : a simple "check" on the field called "team" or "singer" is enough to select records or stickers I wish to display (the ones recorded are proposed).

Here below you can find some information regarding the use of the program (along with our software, an electronic instructions book will be supplied to help you to learn all the functions in a simple way).

If I have wrongly defined a field as "text" instead of as "number"?

You should enter into "Configuration Form" where will be possible to modify every kind of field: the program is able to convert every field from text to the numerical one, to avoid loosing all recorded data (a backup is always demanded to hold the previous situation).

Are there a recording limit to the number of items which can be included in every collection?

No limits at all: I can manage an unbelievable number of collection files and in every file I can storage everything I like.

Can I catalog and manage all my stickers and vinyl records collections according to different criteria when exporting information?

When exporting data, I am demanded which fields have to be filtered. If I wish to export my stickers' collection to a different file, I have to choose the criteria first. I can do it by the name of the team only or on the basis of the kind of music, for instance: so, I can define a field named "Barcelona" or "Rock". I select a vertical order and also define the method: it can be made on different fields, according to the criteria given when selecting.

More Software Information

For Storage, Catalog Stickers Cards and Vinyl Records, Download Now flin4cell for FREE!

System Requirements:

No particular requirement is required: we suggest a Pentium III 600 and 128 MB RAM.

During the installation our software program will check for you any further missing components and free download them from Internet if not found.

Once bought this program, you can use it forever: it's not compulsory to buy new software versions!

So, you will have for free all software updates.

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