My friends are using my program software to storage DVDs and DIVX, too!

Some days ago I saw some of my friends using Excel to storing DVDS and DIVX.

The problem was that they were not able to have displayed all the information they want about their DVDs and DIVX; the DVDs and DIVX search was not so easy (too much titles; they ask me a way to filter the display...).

By that time, I have advice them to use my program software to storage DVDs and DIVX: flin4cell.

Yesterday I have visited them and I noticed that they were using my program software to storage their DVDs and DIVX.

I am always astonished about how my program software is suitable to every need: storing DVDs and DIVX and every other collection, has never been so easy!

Finally, my friends were able to storage DVDs and DIVX in the way they have always dreamt: they have the movie picture, the movie plot, the director, the main characters, the production's year... Now they have a real movie archive!

I will be so pleased to see your own movie archive too: try flin4cell to storage DVDs and DIVX for FREE, and if you want you can even send me the archive of your DVDs and DIVX collection...

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