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File Configuration

This is the File Configuration form.

It is used to define what you want to see in the managing file.

You need to define a file code and a description that you will use to manage the entered items.

It is possible to establish if some images of each item can be viewed or not.

You can also change the order in which the fields are shown by clicking on the arrows to the right of the table (the same order will be maintained when exported to Excel or posted on-line). Simply point to the field to be moved and decide whether to move it up or down.

You need to define the features to be viewed:


it is possible to define the characteristics based on the following plan:

Free Form Text

You can define how many characters the field will accept and the number of rows to be shown


You can define the maximum value and number of decimals that the field can have (for example if you are working with a value it would be good to have 2 decimals)

Provide Entered Values

You can define how many characters the field will accept.

Mandatory Selection

You can define the values that will be proposed for each field. It will NOT be possible to use values other than the ones previously defined!


You can define the table and the fields to be viewed. It is also possible to define the field type (Free Form Text, Number, Date and Check) for the tables.

These buttons icons have the following functions (from left to right):

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