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Are you searching working hours software to manage your human resources in easy way?

Would you want a program that it can manage the turns of the staff in fast and efficient way?

Our software house is glad to introduce flin4time to you: this software is studied for the small enterprises that need to simplify the management of the timetables of your staff and the employee scheduling.

Some partner companies have contributed with their experience to the flin4time planning, so we have created a managerial software able to organize in little steps and easy way your human resource.

To proceed, you will have to create your human resources plan, then you will only update daily or periodically the single presences and flin4time will elaborate the data ready to send to your accounting.

Is it not simple? In little steps you will be able to have dynamics management of the timetables of yours staff, leaving the old manual and paper management, optimizing your job.

You will anytime have the eventual control of your staff and employee scheduling available, constantly monitoring how many persons have been employed in one single day or a period of time (ex. monthly) and verifying the extraordinary time or nightly job.

The program is studied for all your requirements and you will be able to personalize to manage a limitless number of persons and anytime you will be able to verify the carried out hours of each person of yours staff.

This human resources software is created for small enterprises so you must insert data in manual way, but the structure of our software is already organized for an eventual integration with electronic supports as card for being able completely to automate the personnel management.

We are sure that also you will be able to appreciate the advantages that flin4time can offer to you, because our human resource software will give you the possibility:

  • to have organized the management your human resources planning
  • to have always available the timetables of each single resource
  • to have final data for every period (ex. daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly) of the employed staff
  • to be able to evidence eventual nightly or extraordinary timetables made by your human resources
  • to upgrade and to integrate your software in simple way, to adapt it to the new normative
  • to always receive the upgrade for flin4time in FREE and automatic way

Moreover, based on your requirements, like previously pointed out, you will have the opportunity of having a personalized file with final monthly data comprised in the final price! In fact aware of your necessities, we will create exclusively for you a file to be managed by your accounting.

If your adviser needs a document in format .doc or .xls or .pdf or .xml or .txt or other, we will create it for you, so your document will be immediately integrated with your adviser without losing other time

And if you are not satisfied, our working hours software flin4time will automatically manage the shipment to your adviser at the established date!
Have you still doubts about potentialities of the flin4time software in order to manage the human resources of your company? Try now for FREE our trial version and discover the capability of this easy working hours software created to manage your staff and your human resources.
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System Requirements:

No particular requirement is required: we suggest a Pentium III 600 and 128 MB RAM.

During the installation our software program will check for you any further missing components and free download them from Internet if not found.

Once bought this program, you can use it forever: it's not compulsory to buy new software versions

So, you will have for free all software updates.

The Software is Clean From Virus, Spyware, Adware... As Certified

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Software screenshot

Staff management: it is used to define employee information and ordinary staff working hours.

Employees File - Staff Management
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Staff search: it useful to quick find an employee.

Employees - Staff Search
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Daily human resources management: you can modify all daily employee working hours to have the right situation of your staff timetables.

Daily Human Resources Management
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Monthly human resources display: you can see monthly working hours situation of your employees and staff.

Monthly Human Resources Management
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Timetables monthly print: you can print monthly working hours situation for each employees.

Human Resources Print
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