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Do you search personal accounting software to control payments and optimize family expenses planning? A simple and intuitive program to verify your budget?

flin4pay is the best solution for family or personal accounting software because you will always be able to have under control the checking account and expenses

So, you needn't pass hours and hours with paper and pen to verify your accounts or you will not run the risk to forget the expirations or not knowledge where the monies have been expenses. Today, you can stop with calculator and you can begin to use practical and easy automatic software to optimize your family or personal budget.

With flin4pay you will have to only define fixed expenses of each period (rents, insurances, taxes) and after, inserting gradually the other payments that you will support occasionally, you will know anytime the real amount of your expenses.

Inserting the date of the payment and a short description (for example fuel), our personal management software, will calculate your voices of expense and will control your familiar budget, automatically.

Moreover, it will control your bill-book automatically, so you don't have to forget to pay one bill or one installment: flin4pay will signal you the date and the kind of expiration that you will find to support in the short term.

You will be always able to review the total monthly expenses with a few mouse clicks and check your fixed periodic payments like monthly installments for insurances, term loans, mortgages, rents and more.

flin4pay is an easy program to confront and to print expenses supported in different years or months (for example April 2007 with April 2006), in order to evidence the most important expenses, or you will be able to export your data in Excel where you will be able to manage them in order to create control charts or produce graphics, charts and all the statistics you need.

flin4pay is the personal management software projected and realized to simplify the organization and the planning of your family budget: you will be able to manage and to control your financial accounting with automatic instruments in order to make your life easier saving your time and your money!

Download for FREE the trial version of flin4pay: the personal accounting software to control payments!

Download Family and Personal Management Software Buy Family and Personal Management Software

Download for FREE the trial version of flin4pay: the personal accounting software to control payments!

System Requirements:

No particular requirement is required: we suggest a Pentium III 600 and 128 MB RAM.

During the installation our software program will check for you any further missing components and free download them from Internet if not found.

Once bought this program, you can use it forever: it's not compulsory to buy new software versions

So, you will have for free all software updates.

The Software is Clean From Virus, Spyware, Adware... As Certified


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Software screenshot

Control Payment Configuration: this feature is to define your parameters about all recurring payments like installments (on every month or every year...) and allows you to record all expenses incurred on a regular basis.

Budget and Payments Software Management
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Budget Management: this feature is to display, modify, add or delete some monthly amounts (expenses and incomes).
It is possible to record your already effected payments.
All configured expenses are proposed automatically.
You can know in real time your monthly budget situation.

Personal Accounting Software Management
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Expiry Dates Schedule: a designed symbol of a small traffic light is to indicate what the software program will show you automatically when payments are close to the due date, in order to keep under control which of them shall be paid and which of them have already been paid.

Expenses Scheduler
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Control Charts and Reports: it is possible to report every month or year all given payments/incomes and compare them with a different period of time.
You can make a complete analyze of your budget situation.
You can export them to Excel and create control charts in order to find out immediately which are the most important outgoes that should be carefully monitored.

Control Charts and Reports
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