Would you like to optimize finally your current account management?
Do you think that to organize the management of your current account to understand the trend of your finances is difficult?

Thanks to Flin4pay you can optimize finally the management of your current account with few clicks!

Few minutes at day are enough and managing the daily expenses will be a child's play.

You can define the monthly fixed expenses like for example the installments of your loan or of your car and you can insert all your daily high costs to know the situation of your current account in real time and to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Moreover, the software for the management of the current account will signal you in advance the expiries to be paid: you can't forget of the bills or the renting any more.

Of top quality also the possibility to compare two different periods to understand how the trend of your expenses changes: in fact you can print the graph of the 2006 situation and to compare with that one of the 2007 for example, to know how your habits are changed.

For a more detailed analysis, the software is completely integrated with Excel: you can export your expenses and to elaborate it to best manage your financial situation.

The software for the management of the current account is earning a lot of success for the fact that also a housewife can use it without any difficult: it doesn't need particular computer knowledge and it is suitable for every family who wants to optimize the economic management without to waste time.

If you want to keep tapped the management of the current account, you have to try free flin4pay: the software thought for the family, which allows you to save time and money!

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