In the third millennium management or personal accounting software cannot be just a simple calculator for computers. Requirements to cope with are more and more complex compared to the high standard of computers work area and the evolution in the fiscal policy, financial analysis and procedures. Management software must optimize work procedures and must be easy learning and understanding for every user.

flinsoft, young and dynamics software company producer knows very well all market requirements with great devotion to all targets of users from small companies to personal business and family planning and it works to the development of management programs and accounting software for the enterprises, for personal use and for family. Every project has been designed by taking into consideration all those aspects to make computer using easy step by step.

At the beginning we developed our free PC games just for fun, by offering software systems for free as well, and subsequently programs for PC and accounting software.

We experienced a great success from those first software jobs and our commitment to go ahead through the process of making improvements has been encouraged by our customers responses. Here we show our efforts to propose innovative products for both companies and personal business with a familiar look. With the awareness to be a company ahead in their time in the market growth, we are glad to introduce our accounting software management solutions catalogue able to meet all your requirements.

Collecting Catalogues Software
Collecting Catalogues Software
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download hobby collecting program

Are you a collector? Must you organize your DVD collection? Or that one of your library? Or that one of stamps?

We are glad to introduce an easy collection software: flin4cell, the innovative inventory software for a full-powered collections management.

The hobby software collecting program to catalogue and storage every collection (Recipes, Music CD, DVD Movie, Records, Stamps, Coins, Banknotes, Books, Postcards, Action Figures, Phone Cards, Dolls, Shells, Wines, Swarovski Precious Pieces...) according to your requirements!

You will have endured on hand a series of studied and developed models to satisfy your main requirements and...

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Personal Accounting Software
Personal Accounting Software
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Download Personal Accounting Software

Do you search personal accounting software to control payments and optimize family expenses planning? A simple and intuitive program to verify your budget?

flin4pay is the best solution for family or personal accounting software because you will always be able to have under control the checking account and expenses!

So, you needn't pass hours and hours with paper and pen to verify your accounts or you will...

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Staff Timetables Software
Human Resources Software
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Download Software for Staff Timetables

Are you searching working hours software to manage your human resources in easy way?

Would you want a program that it can manage the turns of the staff in fast and efficient way?

Our software house is glad to introduce flin4time to you: this software is studied for the small enterprises that need to simplify the management of the timetables of your staff and the employee scheduling.

Some partner companies have contributed with their experience to the flin4time planning, so we have created...

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Cleaning Companies Accounting Software
Cleaning Companies Accounting Software
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Download Cleaning Companies Accounting Software

An easy accounting software for cleaning companies?

Must this software manage automatically the invoice print and manage clients' appointment efficiently?

Must the accounting software solution be always dawned and easy to use?

Sure, and also we think in the same way! So flin4clean is born and it offers to help your enterprise, automating and keeping under control your business activities. So, today, more and more small and mid-size cleaning companies...

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Head or Tail games
Head or Tail games
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Head or Tail games

The FREE PC game is a piece of cake: is something to be enjoyed softly by making suspense... guess if the coin lands "head" or "tail"!

flinsoft created the FREE PC game for your rainy days: a typical spare time game to get a challenge with your luck!

Easy to use and to manage with, this game will allow you to challenge your friends and see which...

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A management software producer that wants to develop good programs, must before understand the requirements of the own customers and to be able to always guarantee their satisfaction.

We are analyzing and planning new management software for companies always with cheap price, but also some new free PC game (or cheap) just in order to satisfy your demands.

We can only anticipate that our software producer company specialized in the development of management programs and software, will have attention in new fields now in expansion and without to neglect the family and/or personal software and other software for the invoicing or the management of warehouse or database.

You can try and download now our programs to verify the quality of our software: it's totally free!

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