Have you got a little library in your home?

Or have you got a true library?

If you don't want to spend any time to find a book or you want to arrange your library to find an author or a plot, flinsoft has thought about you!

Thanks our software of cataloguing, you can manage your library with some clicks.

You can manage the database of your library, the most important information and you can have within reach all you want.

flin4cell allows you to file and to list the books to which you are more affectionate, as you have always desired.

You can also use the scanner for the covers and then you can associate them with the books, so you've your electronic library.

With our software you can put on on-line your library and you can share your knowledges with other keens on the reading.

A innovative and easy software, that you can use and which will allows you to manage your books and your library.

What are you waiting? Manage your library whit flin4cell: you can try it NOW for FREE!!!

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