Billing software studied for management and consultancy companies
Billing software for consultancy and management companies

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Billing software for consultancy and management companies?

Software that allows for automatic billing, client management and payroll?

An up-to-date and user friendly program with FREE and fast assistance?

This is our company’s mission! In fact, we have created flin4work, billing software that will give you all of this and much more: management of employee appointments, quotes, bills, payroll… and FREE assistance via e-mail for the entire period of software maintenance!

Flin4work is the easy and complete software for management and consultancy companies which has the following features :

staff appointments

Simple management of personnel and staff appointments with the possibility to add reminders or manage call backs.

maintenance organization customers

Thanks to the quick client search your won’t waste any more time and you will be up and running immediately.

schedule of payments and receipts

Thanks to the optional template to manage outgoing and incoming payments you can always jave your client’s payment deadlines under control..

Billing for services and maintenance company

Management of bills inclusive of VAT and tax deductions.

Automatic billing for maintenance company

Automatic generation of documents monthly (or in multiples thereof: bimestrial, quarterly...) as well as manual management.

The possibility to customize the billing template FREE-OF-CHARGE! You can insert your company logo and your own background!!!

How does flin4work work ?

Once you have entered your client data, you will be ready to manage documents and payments: with a single click, at month end the billing software will allow you to have all of your company documents, including payment deadlines, ready and waiting! Quick and easy!

For years we have been working in the IT field and thanks to the cooperation with clients and businesses, we have developed billing software to fit every need, including yours!

Starting today you can speed up the way you manage bills inclusive of VAT and tax deductions, monitor client payment and you can manage appointments and staff in a quicker and more effective way.

flin4work isn’t your run-of-the-mill software with loads of useless functions: it is a program entirely studied for companies that don’t have time to waste! Just a few clicks and you are up and running!

Why switch to flin4work ?

It is the simple billing program which allows you to save time and money!

FREE 30-day trial period!

We are available to provide FREE assistance by e-mail should you have any doubts or run into any problems!

Try flin4work now for FREE: the billing software made especially for you!

With this FREE download all the functions of flin4work will be available to you and you can start saving right away!!!

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Customer details
Information on monthly billing and appointment management of your business services and maintenance. You can set up automatic billing to issue bills every two months or every quarter.

client details of your maintenance organization
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Customer research
Find and edit quickly and easily the data of a customer of your service and maintenance company.

Find and edit customers data
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Management appointments
Calendar of events
View the schedule of appointments with customers, with time stamp and and employees

Management appointments of service companies
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Automatic billing
Print the invoice simply by selecting the customer and the month to be billed
In an instant you are ready to send invoices to your customers

Automatic billing for maintenance organization
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Manual billing
You can manually generate invoices and credit notes, or change the automatically generated. You can also keep track of payment deadlines and outstanding payments by purchasing the add-on module.

Invoices and credit notese for sevice companies
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Invoice Print
Example of the custom invoice template

Print an invoice of your service companies
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Employee personal details
All personal detail of your employees, hire date, notes, photo and more

Personal Information of business services employees
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