Are you a desperate housewife? Don't you know anymore the mystery of the lost recipes?

Do you want a software to manage your recipes to can have them within reach?

Don't worry, flinsoft want to help you with a software, which orders your extraordinary recipes!

flin4cell is the recipes software which gives you the opportunity to file and to list all your recipes, as you want.

You can finally have your database of recipes with all the information that you've always written on the slips.

You can list your recipes how you want: alphabetical order, tastes and Italian regions, then you can find them with a click.

It allows you to post you recipes on-line, so you can share them with other people and can find those of the chefs.

With this innovative software you'll have other advantages:

  • to share your knowledge's with other people
  • to exchange advice and elements about a course
  • to be proud of your abilities with your best recipes

Don't waste time: try for FREE this recipes software and start to best manage your recipes.

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