The flinsoft software house, is born from Santoianni Simone's mind to realize professional software able to satisfy families and small companies requirements at lowest prices.

Santoianni Simone, after finished his highschool studies as Accountant (I.G.E.A. project) in 1996, starts his adventure in the software world in 1998 as teacher for some of the most important accounting programs.
In 1999 his love for developing new software products, which can adapt to small companies and families needs, lead him to start his career as developer in Windows environment and Visual Dbase language.

His talent and enthusiasm to get improved in his abilities will lead him to create software products by VB and the latest framework .NET.
His programs are based on Access DataBase, SqlServer and in the latest period on the new technology xml.

After several years working in software house, he decides to set up a new generation of data processing activity, able to be up-to-date in offering projects and programs to his customers, both families and small companies, being aware that it's important to achieve a great interoperability to meet their different business needs.

His experience and the peculiarity of approaching with the latest available technologies are evident features in the use of his software: ease to use and a familiar look in order to achieve maximum result and duration in the time, taking advantage of the latest resources to offer always up-to-date products.