Inventory software for your cellar: now you can post your wines on-line!

Our inventory software is designed for your cellar, to best manage your wines!

Would you like that your little wine bar was organized in the better of the ways and perhaps you'd like to publish your wines on line?

We have the solution for you: innovative software which allows you not only to manage to the best your cellar, but also to post your wines on line!

flin4cell is flexible software which adapts to every need: it creates your catalogue with the information which you need to make order in your cellar and with a click it post your wines on line.

So you can let to know to the world your wines and to share information with other keens, to make new friendships and to propose your vintage bottles.

The software is easy to use and it doesn't need computer knowledge: it's suitable for everybody and our free aid service is always at disposal to help you to have your on-line wines collection.

You don't waste time: download now fin4cell and try it for FREE, you can manage finally at the best your cellar and to post your wines on-line!

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